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Bright living room with modern inventory

A Harvard Business Review article pointed out that companies spend approximately $360 billion dollars a year on learning and development with only 12 % of employees implementing new skills learned. These corporations are seeking better ROI while making a positive impact in their community. Learn how you can partner with M Perfectly today to help create a world of women who lead with confidence.

How Is Your Company Investing in Women's Leadership Development?

M Perfectly partners with organizations eager to develop strong women in leadership for a minimum of 3 months. If we can, we prefer to solidify that partnership for a year to truly hone the skills of becoming competent leaders. The great news is that you get the benefits of learning & development from a charitable givings budget. Curious how that works? I thought you would be. One of the greatest skills a leader can possess is empathy and active listening but these are skills that only get better through practice which is why we aren't a one day rodeo. By taking your internal team out of the office and having them serve in shelters where we've developed trusted relationships, they learn to lead with empathy, hone their active listening skills and develop a strategy to make positive progress within their community. Learn how you can take part in our program today.

Through a partnership with M Perfectly here is what you can expect:

  1. A Better ROI. We track progress both from your employees as well as managers to show how we are making an impact within your organization and in the community.

  2. Better Employee Retention. We've got the partnerships and connections. We also know that 75% of employees have a longer tenure within their organization if they engage in a give back program or volunteer with a nonprofit organization.

  3. Better Employee Engagement. Those that feel they are working with purpose tend to have higher engagement within their corporate initiatives.

  4. More Competent Leaders. Your employees will thrive in the areas of effective communications, self-confidence, & business strategy through the curriculum we teach.

Here's What Corporate Partners Say:

"We got such a great response to the fireside chat with you, and subsequently held a couple more internal chats and roundtable discussions which have had a huge impact on morale."

-Kryshana, Communications Director Amobee